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Haircut + Beard Trim
with/without hot towels
Haircut + Shave
Beard Trim/Lineup
Head Shave
Face Shave
Buzz Cut
with hot towels


Rick's barbershop is here to deliver the best haircuts to the community! When Dave Nisby asked if I would like to take over his barbershop so he could retire, I saw an opportunity to add my own vibe to North Abington Square! Like Dave, I feel barbershops should be a community spot where everybody feels welcome and enjoys spending time. Ricks barbershop will bring a new hip young vibe to the center, and will hopefully bring a new generation of entrepreneurs to the center as well.


Rick’s Barbershop is appointment only. Appointments are something not only I find to be more convenient for myself but have found clients like appointments better, too. There are many benefits to appointments like knowing when your haircut will be instead of walking in and seeing if you’ll be waiting 10 minutes or 2 hours for a haircut. It can be especially nice for parents if they would like to set up a haircut, pay in advance and drop their child off for a haircut. Rick’s Barbershop is located right in North Abington Square and will be open for business 5/18/21.


To make an appointment online, click here.



People often ask how I came to be a barber and the short answer is college wasn’t for me and I wanted to get into a trade. A week after my high school graduation in 2016 I found myself at Mass Barbering School in Quincy as a full time student. I was fortunate to have knowledgeable instructors that moved me through the program in 10 months. After the 1000 hours of cutting hair and classes were complete, I passed my Barber’s License Exam. Within a week I was hired by Craft Barbering Co. in Marshfield, owned by two amazing people, Jeff Barrows and Eric Tengberg. They had recently taken over what was called Yankee Clipper and I was their second hire and started by taking walk-in clients.  It wasn’t long before I went to appointment only as I was now busier at the shop.


During the four years at Craft Barbering, Jeff and Eric hired more barbers and moved into a larger shop with a cool hip vibe. I was amazed watching these two young business owners grow their shop into a favorite place among the locals for a good haircut and was proud to be among their team.  It was incredibly hard to leave a shop that I grew with and loved. Jeff and Eric were the best bosses and mentors to not just me, but every barber they hired. So when Dave Nisby, who has been Abington’s beloved barber for 60 years, asked if I would be interested in taking over his shop so he could retire, how could I say no? It is an honor to be asked to fill in such large shoes and I hope to carry the shop on for the next 60 years!



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Phone: 774-497-4075


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206 North Ave. 

Abington, MA 02351


Tues - Fri: 8am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 3pm

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